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The conversation with Ye Xiu helped Chop Loulan to set up the idea of building a team. The development of tactical style can not be a day's work. At present, he first went to arrange, of course, publicity and promotion outside. And in this regard, Ye Xiu also do not know is cut Loulan personally, or under the hands of this talent, in short, the completion is quite good. Relying on bits and pieces of half-true and half-false information, it rhythmically creates an impact among players. This is obviously a very experienced network pusher. And this point, the major clubs are also very quickly aware of. This new team, come up to steal the show, and then is not in a hurry to maintain popularity. It hasn't joined the league yet, and it has received more attention than many lower-class teams in the league. This team is by no means new. After somebody makes such conclusion, be despised immediately: Nonsense, again new tender, had Ye Qiu to join, where can new tender still go? Ye Qiu! When this man was in the league, he gave the major clubs and teams a headache. I'm not in the league now, and I'm still making trouble for everyone. The clubs have no information, and they all feel that these mature and sophisticated promotion methods of the new team are probably from the hands of Ye Qiu, who knows how to mix the league. Was this man appointed manager by the new team? Or the leader? Generally, there may not be so many departmental personnel settings in a relatively simple club. Especially in the early days of the league,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, it can be said that besides the boss, the biggest real power figure in the club is the captain of the team. However, with the development of the alliance and the continuous improvement of various systems, there are gradually professional managers and leaders. Most of the captains of the team began to be mainly responsible for the tactics of the team. For other aspects, they have certain influence, but they no longer have the final decision-making power. And with Ye Qiu's ability, any of the above positions, can be completely controlled, is absolutely a terrible opponent in this circle. Clubs suddenly found that if Ye Qiu came to compete with them in such a capacity, it seemed more difficult than directly on the field. What is the trick in the professional circle that this great God hasn't seen and doesn't know? Is there any means that can be used on him? Such an opponent, let everyone have a feeling of opening up wasteland in an instant. In the process of maintaining the attention and popularity of Chop Loulan, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, the clubs have not yet found a plan to snipe. In the net swims, also is helplessly looked at Jun Mo to smile the rank to promote to 52 levels. The man is still practicing his role! In the eyes of the club, this is a signal that the great God does not seem to be just the kind of behind-the-scenes planner, or wants to manipulate the role to stand in the foreground. How can a guy who is already in the twilight of his career have such great perseverance and perseverance? Since the identity of Jun Moxiao is not a secret in the club, it is not a secret for the professional players in the clubs. Some places where professional players gather have also been discussing this matter recently. What the hell is this guy doing?! In a certain group, a professional player opens a topic. Pull him out and ask him! "Is he still in this group?" "Yes!"! It's not! Someone cut off Ye Xiu's QQ and sent out a picture. Dive and play dead? "Ye Qiu, come out!" So many words look like Huang Shaotian. Worship the Great God. Some young players worship Huang Daishen. Who has his invisibility? As soon as Huang Shaotian bubbled, the progress of the chat obviously began to speed up. Sister Su must have it! "Not online either!" Huang Shaotian began to preside over the work of pulling out Ye Xiu. Who has the invisibility of Sister Su? "Yunxiu must have." "Yunxiu is online!" Someone was overjoyed. Who plays me? Chu Yunxiu obviously set the key words, someone mentioned that Yunxiu was summoned successfully. Is Su Mucheng online? Huang Shaotian asked. No. Chu Yunxiu said. Don't lie! In fact, we are not looking for her, but to inquire about Comrade Ye Qiu's situation. Huang Shaotian said. You play Ye Qiu! Chu Yunxiu said. Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, autumn leaves.. "You see, it doesn't come out." Huang Shaotian said. Change the key words. "Autumn of one leaf, autumn of one leaf, autumn of one leaf." "Return the autumn of a leaf?" Chu Yunxiu questioned. There was a slight lull. This kind of separation from the familiar account characters is absolutely a painful thing. "Ye Qiu is no longer the autumn of a leaf, and when it comes to this, everyone feels sad." Who called me? As a result, Sun Xiang bubbled. ……” The crowd was speechless. At this time, those who are talking are already at the level of great gods, and some ordinary players have automatically entered the role of onlookers. I didn't ask you to look for Ye Qiu! Huang Shaotian said. Ye Qiu? Is he still in this group after he retired? Sun Xiang asked. Low profile. Huang Shaotian said, "be careful that the group owner kicks you out." "I haven't seen the group owner yet!" Sun Xiang said. Of course, the group owner is also retired. According to you, he shouldn't be here. Huang Shaotian said. Don't try to laugh when you hit Jun. Chu Yuxiu pulled the topic back to the original place. Oh, who called me? Ye Xiu came out at once. Damn it, I'm diving, shameless! Huang Shaotian, keep up. Hello, everyone. Long time no see. Ye Xiu said hello. In a flash, the bubblers kept coming out to worship the Great God. Damn it, so many people are loading corpses! Huang Shaotian called. All right, that's it. I'm out of here. Ye Xiu said. You just said a word, okay?!!! Huang Shaotian called. I'm not you. "Ye Xiukai taunted, and next he lined up to pound the table and laugh." Zhou Tzar-kai, what are you doing with him? Huang Shaotian saw that even Zhou Zekai, who did not talk much, was in line to laugh at him. How interesting Zhou Zekai responded. Then don't run away! Huang Shaotian was so busy that he had to deal with the ridicule of the queue and was afraid that Ye Xiu would disappear. It's here! Ye Xiu went back. What are you busy with recently? Huang Shaotian asked. Level training.. Ye Xiuhui. Another row of table thumping and laughing. Of course,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, everyone knows what Huang Shaotian meant, but also knows that Ye Xiu's answer is not wrong. However, the absolute answer is not the question. penghuangbottle.com


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