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Wen Qin is probably a little able to understand when Tang Qian saw himself. Even if Wen Qin's weak posture from the beginning was faked, even if she did not want to hide it. So let Tang shallow see through, but also very clear to Tang shallow expressed his ambition, Tang shallow or willing to use her. Wen Qin's treatment was useless in the end. After thinking about it, Wen Qin opened his mouth. "Have you played this book before?" "Mmm." Lu Sheng opened his mouth, "several times, but they all died. It's a waste of energy." After saying that, he looked a little shy. "I was afraid that the master would criticize me, so I didn't tell him. I read a lot of strategies." After saying that, I thought for a moment, "I'm more relieved to have my sister Qingqiu with me tonight, but I didn't expect it to be all right." Wen Qin laughed. In fact, Wen Qin didn't like to bring new people at all. However, as the image of a good old man, Wen Qin's children have been able to form several groups. Eh? Aren't Qingqiu and Shifu in the same guild? Lu Sheng looked a little surprised. Well,Cantilever Storage rack, no. Wen Qin opened his mouth. It's strange. Lu Sheng opened his mouth, "Master said he was looking for his teammates to take me." "Oh, your master's teammates in the professional league." "Master has something to do with that..?" Lu Sheng was obviously very surprised. Uh Wen Qin answered, but did not go on. Lu Sheng was surprised and soon calmed down. "No wonder Master is so awesome." Wen Qin smiled. Didn't say anything more. A lot of things can't be done too hastily. If you want to pull her in at the beginning, I'm afraid the newcomers will feel that the professional league is just so so. Do it again? Wen Qin opened his mouth. Come here Lu Sheng responded. In the middle of the night,warehouse rack manufacturer, Wen Qin planned to train tomorrow after all, so he went to rest. Wen Qin walked very simply, Lu Sheng smiled, tilted his head without saying much, and quickly got off the line. Wen Qin still woke up early the next day. Then he and Su Duxiu went downstairs to eat something and ran two laps to the training room. Weissard has arrived. Wen Qin said hello and sat down beside Wei Sa. Wei Sa took a look. "Why are you a little listless?" "Thanks to your little disciple." Wen Qin rubbed her eyes. "She didn't dare to let you know that she had died alone.". So he dragged me with her in case she died and gave her a little milk. "So..?" Wei Sa was a little surprised. Wen Qin shrugged his shoulders. "It's good to be young. You can make trouble casually." "How about that?" Wei Sa spoke. How about what? Wen Qin opened the training software. Her technique. You follow and see clearly. "As far as professional players are concerned, three or four, but as a newcomer.." Wen Qin thought about it and then opened his mouth. It's pretty scary. "Mmm." Wei Sa thought for a moment, Wen Qin thought for a moment and then opened his mouth, "but I always feel strange." "Hm?" Wei Sa was a little confused, and Wen Qin opened his mouth. I don't know, but they're all new people anyway, Industrial pallet rack ,Warehouse storage racks, and it's normal to be weird. "Mmm." Wei Sa nodded his head. Then he stood up and went to one side to see the situation of the other players. Wen Qin casually trained a few hands, but they were not very good, so he leaned to one side. Shi Zhi just finished it. "What are you talking about in a mysterious way?" "Sago has found a new person with a good talent." Wen Qin opened his mouth. What profession? Shi Zhi opened his mouth. Moon knife. “…… Such a good life..? Shi Zhi was quite surprised. Uh Wen Qin nodded. "No, I'll squint for a while." Then he went straight to the table and fell asleep. ……” Really, I don't want to pretend that I don't even care about my image. Shi Zhi cocked his legs and looked at the other players on one side. Shi Zhi was one year younger than Wei Sa, but in fact he had not found a good successor yet. Of course, there are children in the same profession as him in the training camp, but not everyone can really get on the front desk. Shi Zhi thought about it, then he didn't say anything more, and went straight to one side to train. When Wen Qin woke up, it was already more than ten o'clock. She was stiff all over. After moving her fingers, she was not very suitable for training. So Wen Qin thought about it and was afraid to go up to the game. Then I saw the announcement, "Eh?" "What's the matter?" Wei Sa did not turn his head, but asked. "Is there a new version of the game?" Wen Qin was a little surprised. Yes Wei Sa answered that the alliance had said earlier that you were not here and forgot to tell you. Oh, oh Wen Qin looked, the new version of the warm-up activities looked for a while, or indeed the test tower, Wen Qin nodded. Who will attend then? Wen Qin turned to look at Wei Sa. All participate. Wei Sa laughed, "this time the official deliberately said something mysterious." "So.." That's what officials say to players all the time, but Weisar's saying that must be useful to the teams in the league. Wen Qin nodded, logged in, looked around, and then heard the voice of a private chat. [Lu Sheng] whispered to you: Eh? Sister Qingqiu doesn't go to work? You whisper to [Lu Sheng]: My job is to play games. [Lu Sheng] whispers to you: Wow! A professional gamer? You whispered to [Lu Sheng], "Almost.". Lu Sheng brought Wen Qin in, "handsome." "Yes." Wen Qin laughed, and Lu Sheng thought about it and said, "Sister Qingqiu, do you know a reliable substitute?" "Hm?" Wen Qin was a little confused, "yesterday was so self-reliant, why did you suddenly want to find a substitute?" "I saw a game." Lu Sheng looked a little embarrassed, "I really want to participate." "Want something?" Wen Qin opened his mouth. Nothing Lu Sheng opened his mouth, "I don't know what to send." Indeed, Wen Qin thought about it, and Lu Sheng opened his mouth again,Steel racking system, "but there are many masters to participate in this activity!"! I'd like to try it. Yo huh? Such a competitive child? This can be said to be a very good thing for Wen Qin, at least in this way, Lu Sheng will be very interested in the game competition. omracking.com


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