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" prevention,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, nucleic acid testing "should be checked as much as possible", vaccination "should be received as much as possible", strengthen the management of employees, establish an emergency mechanism, and do a good job in dealing with emergencies. Expand the full text (2) Implementing hierarchical management of takeaway distribution service personnel. Carry out nucleic acid testing once a day for delivery personnel serving in medium and high-risk areas; carry out nucleic acid testing once every two days for delivery personnel serving in non-epidemic areas. During the period of nucleic acid testing for the whole staff, nucleic acid testing shall be carried out according to the unified requirements of the whole region. (3) Establishing a filing mechanism for personnel in the takeaway distribution service industry. Timely update and provide information on the number of employees as required, so that the number of employees is clear and the results of nucleic acid testing are clear. Enterprises shall not dispatch orders for personnel who are not included in the record management, health codes, nucleic acid testing and distribution personnel who do not meet the requirements. (4) Establish a health monitoring system for takeaway distribution service personnel, conduct daily temperature monitoring, and do a good job of information registration. If you have fever, dry cough,3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask, diarrhea and other symptoms, you should take the initiative to report and seek medical treatment in time, and do not work with illness. At the same time, necessary prevention and control materials such as adequate masks, thermometers, disinfectants and hand-free disinfectants should be equipped to strengthen health education. (5) Advocating contactless distribution. Enterprises should keep real-time synchronization with the rider's APP or vehicle positioning system, grasp the track of takeaway distribution service personnel, contact personnel and other activities information, once problems arise, the information can be retrieved at the first time for retrospective investigation. II. 3. Strictly implement the main responsibility of the unit for epidemic prevention and control 8. The administrative departments of public places in the district shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, Effectively do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work of the industry and the system, implement the main responsibility, urge the public places in the jurisdiction, especially cleaning, security and catering, express delivery, logistics and other industries, strictly implement the prevention and control measures such as temperature detection, place code scanning, health code checking (travel code) and real-name registration of outsiders, and do a good job in environmental disinfection. The above prevention and control measures shall be implemented from the date of promulgation of this circular. The district epidemic prevention and control headquarters will make dynamic adjustments based on the results of the epidemic risk assessment. The majority of residents should abide by relevant laws and regulations, not believe or spread rumors,Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, and promote positive energy. Those who violate the above provisions shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law. Novel coronavirus infection in Xinjian District Emergency Headquarters for Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control July 17, 2022 For your health and the health of others I hope you will do a good job of personal protection and wear masks. Actively cooperate with community workers and medical staff Carry out nucleic acid detection Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations Comprehensive: Jiangxi Health, Nanchang News Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com


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