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Li Ru seemed to smile: "This is a big mistake. It's useless to find anyone about Zhou Yu. It's only useful to find you.". I think Miss Song should know better than I do. "If you want to persuade him to go back to your laboratory, I can only persuade him, but he won't listen," said Nanfeng. Li Ru laughed and shook her head. "It seems that Miss Song knows what I'm looking for you to do. In fact, I'm also entrusted by Professor Steven.". Miss Song, get in the car. It won't take your time anyway. With that, she had opened the car door. The south wind thought about it and sat on it. After the car started, Li Ru took a look at Nanfeng's tense expression and said with a smile, "Miss Song, don't be nervous. I'm like a villain who comes to beat a Mandarin duck." The South Wind glanced at her. "I don't know if you are a villain, but it's hard to say what your intentions are." Li Ru laughs: "I admit I have the kind of idea that you think to Zhou Yu really.". So are you afraid that he will fall in love with someone else and leave him at home to waste his talent? Nanfeng frowned slightly: "I said I had advised him, and I hope he will have a better development." Li Ru looked at her up and down and said, 'To tell you the truth, I really don't know why Zhou Yu can care about his own future for a woman. "Maybe that's just your future," said the South Wind. Li Ru smiled: "Well, I admit that love is great, but do you think your love can afford a man's future and ideals?"? You are not afraid that eight or ten years later,outdoor spa manufacturers, when his former classmates and colleagues all become top experts in the field and are written in the history of science and technology, he is still only a researcher in a small research Institute, and then he begins to regret the choice he made today. He paused, "Miss Song, a man like Zhou Yu should have a wider world. If you really love him, you shouldn't hold him back.". In your view of love,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, you may want to live a plain and stable life, so you hope that he will become a mediocre person, because this will be more compatible with you, and your love will be more equal. But you have to understand that Zhou Yu should not be a mediocre person. The south wind is light on the surface, but the heart is full of waves because of this. She was tempted to argue that she was talking nonsense. But she had to admit that she had uncovered the secret in her heart that she did not want to reveal. Since that trip to the imperial capital, this little secret has been fermenting in her heart. When she realized the gap between her and Zhou Yu in the Shen family, she suddenly felt a little scared. This gap made her feel that her love was like stepping on a cloud and could fall down at any time. Perhaps she had been an ambitious girl before she was fifteen. But after the age of fifteen, all her dreams are to live a peaceful and stable life and choose to be a contented ordinary person. And when she pulled Zhou Yu into her own life and future sketch, she really hoped that he was just an ordinary person like herself. At most, he is the best of the ordinary people. This is her selfishness. However, she now has to face the fact that if it were not for herself, Zhou Yu could be an extraordinary person. Seeing her silence, endless swim pool ,hot tub wholesale, Li Ru continued, "To make a choice, you always have to sacrifice something. Not to mention five or six years, eight or ten years is nothing.". Does Miss Song think so? The south wind did not answer her words, looked out of the window, saw that he was approaching the gate of his community, and said lightly, "Thank you for sending me back." Li Ru chuckled and asked the driver to stop the car: "Miss Song, think about my words. Life can't be repeated. There is only one chance to choose. If you miss something, you will miss it.". If you really love Zhou Yu, you shouldn't hold him back. The south wind did not look at her, opened the door and left without looking back. Zhou Yu called back at nine o'clock. Nanfeng picked up the phone and heard a little noise from him. "Where are you?" He asked casually. Zhou Yu said, "After dinner, I was dragged to the bar by several research assistants.". As a magnanimous and good husband, I have to give you a truthful report, that is, drinking and never doing bad things. South Wind laughs: "You have a good time, drink not to drive, call a substitute driver." Zhou Yu: "Yes." Nanfeng hung up his cell phone, looked at the blackened screen, and sighed heavily. But Zhou Yu of this compartment rubbed his head a little painfully. Several young research dogs in the Institute were probably suffocated, and when they came to this place, they had a good time. He didn't come to nightclubs for many years, and he had no interest at all. He couldn't wait to go back and hold his wife. But not a person to go first, wait for a few people to dance, he went to the bar to find a seat, and asked for a glass of juice to sober up. As soon as he sat down, he was suddenly patted by a man next to him. Turn around and look, but it's Gu Han who hasn't seen for a long time. Holding a glass of wine, she smiled at him. "What a coincidence?"? I thought you were with the South Wind and would never come to such a place again! Zhou Yu pursed his lips: "Are you in a bad mood?" Gu Hanxiao: "It's good to be liberated from a failed marriage. Why not?" Zhou Yu was silent for a moment: "Since we made that choice in those years, why not manage it well?" Gu Han sneered: "How can a stolen relationship last long? The longer it drags on, the more unwilling he and I are." He smiled at him, "I can't be as calm as you." The author has something to say: Why are there fewer and fewer messages? Don't you love the top card? Chapter 57 She said to tilt his head to look at him: "In fact, I am particularly curious, now I and Pei Yun divorced, he also knows that the person who secretly loved him was Song Nanfeng.". If he wants to pursue the south wind now and make up for his regret, what will you choose this time, friendship or love? Zhou Yu chuckles: "This kind of thing does not have if, and the choice is not in me but in the south wind.". Yes,whirlpool bathtub, once the person she liked was Pei Yun, but now the person she loves is me. Gu Han held his head with one hand and curled the corners of his mouth. "I mean, what if the south wind is interested in Pei Yun again?"? You know how important first love is to a person. So Will you let them go? Or will be a selfish ghost again. Zhou Yu was silent for a long time: "I respect the choice of the south wind." 。 monalisa.com


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