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After lunch, a group of people rushed to the shooting range. Speaking of, Ye Qian also has not touched the gun for a long time, in the Ouyang family's war, although Ye Qian used, but did not too attentively. I haven't been in touch for a long time, and I have to admit that my marksmanship is a little rusty. As a mercenary, if you don't even have marksmanship, you really shouldn't. At noon the next day, Ye Qian and Liu Tianchen drove to the hotel booked by Roha. The hotel is not very big, but the decoration inside is very luxurious, which is very good in an economical country like yd. In fact, no matter how backward the country's economic development is, there will be a group of rich people, which is undeniable, and here, the consumer groups specifically targeted are those people. The car slowly stopped at the door of the hotel, Ye Qian and Liu Tianchen stepped out of the car, looked up, and went straight in. At the door, Ye Qian said the name of Roha, and the waiter led the two of them to the private room booked by Roha. The waiter knocked on the door and pushed open the door of the private room. Roha sat in his seat, and behind him stood four men with big shoulders and thick waists,hot tub spa manufacturers, but the momentum was somewhat oppressive. Seeing Ye Qian, Luo Ha stood up hurriedly and said with a smile, "Mr. Ye is really punctual. Come on, please sit down." Ye Qian nodded slightly, walked over and sat down. Then he glanced at Liu Tianchen and motioned him to sit down, too. The latter nodded slightly and sat down beside Ye Qian. Luo Ha turned his head to look at Liu Tianchen. He was slightly stupefied and asked, "Mr. Ye, what should I call this gentleman?" "Oh, dust,outdoor whirlpool, my friend." Ye Qian gave a brief introduction. Roha hesitated, as if wondering if he knew him. After a moment's silence, Roha stretched out his hand and said, "Hello, nice to meet you. Since you are Mr. Ye's friend, you are also my friend." Liu Tianchen nodded slightly, bowed his head to drink tea, and turned a blind eye to Roha's outstretched hand. Roha was slightly stupefied for a moment and withdrew his hand with some embarrassment. Ye Qian smiled and said, "Don't mind, Mr. Roha. This is my friend's virtue. I've told him many times, but I just can't get rid of this temper." Ye Qian and Liu Tianchen have been brothers for so long, how can they not understand the hearts of both sides, a little eye contact, it is OK. Roha deliberately arranged two people at the door and four people in the private room, and did not go out to greet them in person, or even ordered his men to go down to greet them, american hot tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, but asked the waiter to bring him over, which was obviously to suppress his momentum and create a sense of oppression for himself. Therefore, Liu Tianchen did this in order to dissolve his momentum. Luo Ha smiled shyly, sat down and said, "Mr. Ye deserves to be the manager of the investment department of Qingyun Group. His boldness of vision is unmatched by ordinary people. He brought only one friend to the meeting." With a slight smile, Ye Qian said, "It's just a meal. Besides, Mr. Roha won't do anything to me, will he?"? Why should I bring a lot of people here? Is it difficult for Roha to hold a Hongmen banquet now? Luo Ha was stupefied. He smiled and said, "Mr. Ye is joking.". I don't know what Mr. Ye likes to eat, so I just ordered some at random. If Mr. Ye needs anything, he can order it himself. Roha said as he handed over the menu in his hand. Then I won't stand on ceremony. Ye Qian smiled and took the menu, but he was at a loss. It was all in YD Chinese, and he couldn't understand a word. After turning over a few pages, fortunately, there are recipes marked in English at the back. Also did not pay too much attention to see, Ye Qian picked up the most expensive ones and casually ordered a few. Roha snorted angrily in his heart and thought, "The dog said, I ordered so much, but I'm not afraid to eat too much." On the surface, however, there was no expression. He smiled and said, "That's all?"? Is that enough? Would you like some more, Mr. Ye? "No, it's too much to eat. These will do. Besides, you can't let Mr. Roha spend too much." Ye Qian said with a smile. With a slight nod, Roha called the waiter and said, "That's all. Hurry up and serve." Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 1405 identity exposure. This hotel is Roha's property, and needless to say, the cook below must have cooked his order first. Roha looked back, one of his men came forward, filled the teacup in front of Ye Qian and Liu Tianchen, then filled the teacup for Roha, and stood back again. Ye Qian picked up the teacup, took a slow sip, smiled, and said, "It's really scary for Roha to make such a big formation now.". With so many people standing here, I have some drums in my heart. The pressure is too great. If I get nervous and eat into my nostrils, I will be miserable. Luo Ha smiled shyly and said, "Mr. Ye is joking.". Whether you think they're wood or dead, don't worry about them. After a pause, Roha turned to say, "I've heard about Qingyun Group for a long time. I've always wanted to give it to my friends, but I have no way out. I didn't expect to meet Mr. Ye. This is really predestined." "Oh?"? Listen to Mr. Roha, do you want to cooperate with our Qingyun Group? Ye Qian said in surprise. Yes Luo Ha said, "Qingyun Group is one of the largest financial groups in China. I can also say something in yd country. If Mr. Ye's Qingyun Group has free funds, it would be better to invest in yd country.". What does Mr. Ye think? With a smile, Ye Qian said, "Mr. Roha's proposal is very good, but Mr. Roha should know that Mr. Di Rang has come to me, and I am very interested in the plan of the viaduct.". Money is a small thing for me. I don't want to make much money in this first business. I just want to make some achievements here first. As far as I know,indoor endless pool, Mr. Roha seems to be a competitor of Dijon's, right? By asking me to cooperate with you, Mr. Rohar is asking me to break my promise? That's a little awkward. 。 monalisa.com


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