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"Oh, you look like you're eating frost." Ye looked at her, frowned and chewed slowly before opening his mouth to her, "Eat less sweets at night." Luojia saw that his appetite increased so much that he deliberately put the cake to his lips and ate it in front of him. The girl's eyes were staring straight at him, and the contrast between the cream and the red lips was so sharp that he could even see how she chewed and swallowed the dense cake. She licked her lips deliberately, and the tip of the creamy tongue did not move, but left a little creamy white on the corners of her lips. Ye Nan's ears turned red inch by inch, and he turned his head and hurried away to look at the empty living room of the Luo family. The boy's chest rose and fell for a moment, and he quickly calmed his mood. Luojia bit his fork and turned his head. He tilted his long legs under the table and shook them. "What are you looking at, brother Ananda? Does the sofa look better than me?" He lowered his eyes with some helplessness, paused, and then slowly turned around and handed her a piece of paper. "Wipe your mouth." Luo Jia did not speak, watching him deliberately raise his chin. Ye Nan went to see her. The girl's eyes were filled with stubbornness. She refused to say anything, but she wanted him to understand. Of course he understood, and then he raised his hand to gently wipe the cream off the corners of her lips. Luojia's eyes fell on his eyes, like relief, like loss. As if it wasn't enough. But what does she want? Ye Nan threw away the paper towel, not to see her loss,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and then suddenly heard her ask, "Ye Nan, you say, what am I?" With a long finger, he breathed lightly and raised his eyes slowly. The girl opposite hung her head and did not look at his eyes, but he answered her question more seriously than ever. "You are Luojia." Her voice was deep and firm, as if she could never be mistaken for anyone else. She held the fork back and forth on the cake,ceramic bobbin heater core, the soft cake was cut fine, no longer so beautiful and attractive, Luo Jia's hand paused for a long time, and then finally looked at him again. With an ill-formed smile on her lips, she pretended to be happy and relaxed, and her voice was as light as if it would break at a touch. "What am I to you, Ye Nan?" He slowly closed his palm under the table where she could not see it. He didn't want to say a lot of words easily before he did it and before the time came. Luo Jia is not easy to believe the character of people, if empty promises, a lot of things are meaningless. Trust, once worn down, is hard to mend. So he could only keep his mouth shut and say to her in a vague but straightforward way at the moment, "You are my little girl." Luojia's eyelashes trembled, and he felt strange and surprised at the answer. He never said such a thing. When he was very young, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin element, adults would say that she was his sister and asked him to take care of her. When he was a little older, she never asked this question again. When she asked today, she was ready to get the same answer as when she was a child. But he said.. She's his little girl. Luo Jia looked at Ye Nan carefully, not understanding whether he was intentional or unintentional, and could say such words that could be attacked and retreated. She felt dispirited and was in a bad mood today. She threw her fork and stood up. "I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Go back by yourself." Behind him, Ye Nan was silent and did not ask him to stay. After waiting for a while, Luojia heard the sound of the door being gently closed. She exhaled, took a bath step by step, and when she blew her hair and lay on the bed and took out her cell phone, she suddenly found that her WeChat had exploded. yuan Yi sent N messages in succession like urging his life. "Sister?"? Are you there Come out and see the forum!!! "*** me, the second one came after Ye Nan!!!" “??? Isn't Fu Xiqun jet-lagged abroad?! "I do.." Mu Fan, this fool, also came to join in the fun. "" Sister Jia, I understand why they scold you. I kind of want to scold you now. Luo Jia frowned in the clouds and fog. "?" Then I opened the forum link sent by yuan Yi. Or that post, the first floor of the hot comment below has long been replaced by a new number with the original head of the forum, ID is simple, only two words. "Leaf Difficulty". Luo Jia suddenly opened his eyes wide. Although I don't know who is behind the words, as Luojia's childhood sweetheart for more than ten years, I must point out that none of the above statements is true. I hope that the people behind her will come forward to apologize to Luojia as soon as possible, otherwise, whether it is to find the posting IP or contact the forum management to check the registration information, I will certainly pursue her to the end. Further down, the second floor followed by the reply is Fu Xiqun. I broke up with Luojia peacefully, and I still keep in touch with him after breaking up. At present, we are very good friends. Please stop provoking and spreading rumors about our relationship immediately, and apologize to Luojia. If it is surprising that Fu Xiqun, who is far away in the United States, is willing to return to the forum specially to speak for Luojia, then the young master's words are no less explosive than those of Ye Nan, who has only existed in the forum for eight hundred years but has never appeared before. "Didn't someone ask, and now you see?"? I and the first and second floor is Ye Nan-fu Xiqun Mufan himself, we are willing to fight and suffer, rather you see clearly? Then, in addition to the same appeal as the two upstairs asking the landlord to apologize, there is another thing that I want to officially announce: from today on, I officially stop liking Yu Jingjing and start pursuing Luojia. That is to say, I am the suitor that admires her for a long time, what jump does not jump board to cross river stone, my mother is willing! "@ Lao Tzu is willing:?" The author has something to say: Ye Nan: Lao Tzu's mother An Yan has not finished dealing with Mu Fan, you come again?? The update time is in the evening, exactly what time.. I'll try to make it as early as possible. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-27 22:07:16 to 2019-11-30 02:17:25. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 6 bottles of Jiggle; 1 bottle of Little Fox; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Happy Forum storm the second day,Kamado bbq grill, in addition to the original Yi did not come to school, the whole day, Mufan did not dare to say a word to Luojia. global-ceramics.com


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