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Mrs. Xin regretted that she had let her son marry Zhou Jiao'e, but the raw rice became cooked rice, and now she could only admit her bad luck. Facing Zhou Jiao'e, although she still dared not show her power, she was no longer as tolerant as before, and her face was ugly. Pei Xiuyu had no patience. Zhou Jiao's threat to hold her stomach did not work. She cried all day long in the house. Finally, Mrs. Xin didn't want to be laughed at secretly by the second room. Ordered people to close the gate of the hospital, in the name of raising the fetus, Zhou Jiao'e was not allowed to leave the hospital at will. Zhou Jiao'e seemed to finally realize that her backstage had suddenly gone to most of the pull, thinking that she would have to rely on her son in her belly in the future, so she gradually converged and began to raise the fetus, and the family finally quieted down. The end of the year passed in such a hurry. In the spring, these days, Jiafu began to pack up. Just a few months ago, Meng Shi, who had returned to Quanzhou, wrote a letter in which she mentioned that her grandmother, Hu Shi, had contracted a fever at the end of summer. Although she recovered from her illness, her body looked a little weak after autumn. At that time, the Pei family side, the old lady is also seriously ill, Jiafu can only return a letter, with the letter sent some medicinal materials, chat about filial piety. Now after the New Year, Pei Youan Ding worry at home, finally nothing, and out of the hot filial piety, learned that Hu's health is not as good as before,ceramic bobbin heater, a few days ago offered to take advantage of the spring, personally accompany Jiafu back to Quanzhou to visit relatives. Some time later, in Quanzhou in March, the city and outside the city, Erythrina everywhere, such a scene, in the capital is rarely seen. Jiafu had a lot of feelings for the place where she was born and raised. At the end of last year, she had such thoughts in her heart, but she was just out of filial piety. And in the past few months, although Pei Youan had closed his door to thank guests, he spent all day in his study,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, or holding a scroll, or painting, or teaching her to read. It seemed that he had a leisurely life, but Jiafu felt that he always had his own thoughts, and never showed them in front of her. She is also difficult to say, has been pressed in the bottom of my heart, but did not expect, or he saw out, took the initiative to accompany her back to Quanzhou. Jiafu was so happy that she packed up her things early, chose an auspicious day, and looked forward to it day and night. Finally, on the day of departure, the weather was warm and sunny. Together with Pei Youan, she said goodbye to Mrs. Xin. Jiafu took Mammy Liu, Sandalwood, and others. Pei Youan accompanied Yang Yun and several other followers. A total of more than ten people arrived at the dock and boarded the ship, facing the south wind that had already brought a bit of swing. Sail south. Chapter 71 Jiafu, like a flower, accompanied Pei Youan's side day and night. Traveling all the way south, the spring scenery was getting stronger, cordierite c520 ,Alumina Ceramic C795, and Pei Youan gradually seemed to express his feelings. In the morning, he played the harp with her, and at dusk, he listened to the song together at the window. It was like half a day's leisure in a floating life. Jiafu was relaxed and happy. If she hadn't thought about meeting her family as soon as possible, she would have hoped in her heart that the journey would never end. On this day, the ship entered Fujian and docked at a small fishing port named Langmen in the evening. The boatman went ashore to purchase supplies, spent the night, and continued on the road tomorrow morning. In this way, he could reach Quanzhou by water for five or six days. It was getting dark, and there was a light in the cabin. It was still early to go to bed. As soon as she finished her meal, Jiafu asked Sandalwood to take out a small chess table and put it on a wide couch beside the porthole. She climbed up and laid it herself, took out the chess pot, and when it was ready, she told Sandalwood and others to disperse and rest. She dragged Pei Youan, who was reading, over and asked him to play chess with her again. Pei Youan is good at chess and often plays chess with Jiafu along the way. Jia Fu will also play, and, chess strength is not very weak, but compared with him, or vulnerable, often in the end, Pei Youan is to let her win, but also suffer from no place to fall. As soon as she lost again and again, Jiafu was aroused to have a strong heart, so she refused to play with him. That day, she went ashore specially and bought a chess manual. She didn't want to eat and drink, and studied hard. In addition, she had Pei Youan, a good teacher beside her. In just half a month, her level improved a lot. At least Jiafu herself felt so. She just thought that she was carrying him on her back these two days. He secretly studied a new chess manual, which was so exquisite that he really wanted to see him surprised. After dinner, he couldn't wait to pull him over to play chess. Pei Youan was dragged over by her and sat down to accompany her. He held the black and Jiafu held the white. As usual, he let the third son. Jiafu knelt down in front of the chessboard, concentrating, racking her brains, concentrating on the layout, trying to lead him into the trap of the black dragon, but he was not trapped, but also leisurely sitting on the side of the porthole, holding a book in one hand and a book in the other hand, as if intoxicated with it, enjoying herself, clearly absent-minded, Jiafu stopped and said: "You bully me!" Pei Youan came to his senses and glanced at her. Seeing her across the table, he pouted and glared at himself. This little look was lovely, but he couldn't help teasing her again. He raised his eyebrows and said, "How did I bully you?" You despise me! What does it mean to do two things at the same time? Pei Youan hurriedly put the book aside, made amends to her, and promised that he would play chess well. Sure enough, then he sat down, and Jiafu gave up and continued to fall. Just did not walk up a few hands, heard the crisp sound of "Pa", he dropped a son in the corner, then stopped, said the sound of concession. Jiafu stared at the chessboard for a long time before she turned around and was dumbfounded. Just now, he only wanted to play a game to lead him into the game, but he neglected the general trend of the corner. His position of falling son seemed to be flat, but in fact it was above the chess eye. Like a God, he swallowed half of the black dragon's head and tail. The victory or defeat was actually decided. The white dragon refused to admit defeat immediately, and then continued to occupy land in irrelevant parts. It was just a lingering and futile effort. Jiafu looked up and saw Pei Youan looking at him with an apologetic look on his face, but with a clear smile in the corner of his eyes, he became angry from embarrassment. With a "crash", he raised his hand and wiped the chess surface at random. He glanced at him,Ceramic Band Heater, snorted, turned around and climbed down the couch, ignoring him. Pei Youan laughed out loud behind her. He raised his hand and grabbed her. He dragged her back by force and held her in his arms. He looked at her and nodded solemnly: "My Fu is annoyed.". It's all right. I'll play the next game with you. I'm sure I'll be fooled by you this time. Are you satisfied? 。 global-ceramics.com


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