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Ouyang Zhao was so angry that he waved the jade flute. In the sound of the strong wind and the whine of the flute, he inserted himself between the two demons with a very fast posture, pointing left, pointing right, smashing up, picking down, passing and sweeping. But listen to shout and drink the sky, the figure scurrying. "Don't let go," he rapped. "If you don't turn over this idea tonight, you and I can forget half our lives." "That's right," said Cao Liyun, a femme fatale, in a shrill voice! "I have fought against nine of the ten great evils. Could it be that the boat could not capsize in Yanggou?" Ouyang Zhao let the two of them scream for a long time, but kept silent. He gave up the end of the twelve flute moves and the last move of the Canglang Wen flute, and made the first ten moves superb, fighting against the two demons. Let his two devils go all out, can't get close to Ouyang Zhao inch, slow to say is the hand to win. At this time, the original internal organs were injured, and Bao Qingyu, who had breathed for a long time, had seen the way. He saw that even if the ghost and the femme fatale joined hands, they could not hurt a hair of Ouyang Zhao. Maybe after a long time, or Ouyang Zhao used two unique skills, at least one of the two demons would be injured unless he died. At that time, he was seriously injured. Even if Ouyang Zhao let himself go, he might not be able to escape from the master pile card of the unified religion. Thinking of this, I couldn't help being in a hurry. I gathered up my only internal force and shouted, "Boss, is the snake tube a desperate guy?" Ghost fire Yin Sha Wen speech,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, not by the heart suddenly cheerful, secretly cried out, ashamed! He thought to himself, "Before, this boy had the treasure flag in his hand, and he was the nemesis of all kinds of poisons, so that all his poisons could not be used. At this time, he had already put away my nemesis, so why should he fight to the death?". Think of here, not secretly pleased. However,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Ouyang Zhao's jade flute, ten moves, one move after another, one type after another, the moves are fierce offensive, the style is a fierce blow, completely overwhelming. Finally, when Ouyang Zhao had finished his ten moves, he quickly pulled back and beckoned the femme fatale Cao Liyun, saying, "Why don't you use the fog to deal with him?" Cao Liyun, a femme fatale, suddenly came to her senses and snorted coldly, "That's right!"! What a paste. The word "Tu" has not yet been exported, and Ouyang Zhao's jade flute has turned into a ten-thousand-point cold star. The two magic stars did not care to talk, and the figures took advantage of each other to resist the enemy. When Ouyang Zhaoren arrived at the flute, he shouted, "What are you doing?"! Look at it! The voice has just fallen, but listen & # 8212; & # 8212; With a muffled sound like defeating the revolution, the jade flute really knocked on the snake tube of the ghost fire. Swish several light sound, but see the ghost fire Yin Sha Qunan and face gloomy, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, faintly suffused with a layer of black and blue, in the hands of the strange tube shaking unceasingly. As soon as Qingshan Xiushi Shu Jingyao saw it, he shouted, "Be careful, Shaoxia. The evil spirits are coming!"! Back up! His shouts did not stop, and with the shaking of his hands, countless plumes of smoke were emitted from the numerous small holes of the snake tube, and the hissing sound increased and grew louder and louder. Ouyang Zhaobi jade flute after a blow, originally intended to make a second shot, listen to the green shirt scholar Shu Jingyao's cry, not by a stupefied, and see ten thousand poison spirit snake tube strange smoke suddenly, the heart is more panic, jade flute a pull, sweep up a strong wind, face to face to protect the body to block the strange smoke. However, although the strange smoke was blown away by his flute, it was still gushing out, and what better way was there than to keep dancing the flute and fanning it? It should be noted that the internal force on the mouth of the flute is not only at the disadvantage of being beaten, but also consumes the internal force. How long can it last? Just then, there was a scream behind him: "Boy!"! Your time has come! Look at the hook! Femme fatale Cao Liyun's snake and scorpion broken soul hook has been dancing like a group of silver light, from behind like wind and rain. Ouyang Zhao was attacked before and after, and his heart was uncertain. He waved a flute fiercely, blew away the poisonous smoke coming from his face, jumped seven feet sideways, and swept the jade flute across the back, intending to smash the broken soul hook of the flying femme fatale. But Shu Jingyao, a scholar in a green shirt, shouted, "I can't!" However, it was too late. Ouyang Zhao's jade flute was too old to be withdrawn. Zheng! A clear and loud, impartial, is knocking on the hook tail of the snake and scorpion. Cao Liyun, a femme fatale, shouted shrilly: "Good!" With a shake of her right hand, she put a hook like a scorpion's tail on the small hole of the jade flute and shouted again. Let go of me! With her voice, her hands slammed into her bosom. Ouyang Zhao smiled coldly. "Not necessarily," he said in a deep voice, "he also gathered his wrists and moved the flute body." The body of the jade flute twists, thump! The hook tip of the snake and scorpion broken soul hook slipped out of the small hole, and the two of them were all in the same position, shaking at their feet. Just at this critical moment, I heard Shu Jingyao, a scholar in a green shirt, burst out and shouted, "Get back!"! Back up! It turned out that ever since the poisonous smoke came out of the snake tube, all the people in the field knew that Yin Sha was a famous poison, and they were afraid that they would be infected with the poison. They jumped out of their bodies and flashed five feet, paying attention to the moves of both sides from a distance, and watching the three men fight with their eyes closed. When Ouyang Zhao heard Shu Jingyao's shouts, he suddenly flicked his legs in his busy schedule. Riding on the strength of the shaking of the pile, he shot two Zhangs obliquely on the ground. Like a goshawk, he fell five Zhangs away. He did not know what strange tricks the femme fatale had, but wanted to ask Shu Jingyao why he woke up. But it's too late. Just as Ouyang Zhao was shooting, there was a harsh sound, and a purple thing shot out steeply from the hook tip of the femme fatale Cao Liyun. It rushed out and fell straight at the place where Ouyang Zhao had just stood. Boom! Whew. Whew. As soon as the purple thing fell to the ground, there was a sudden bang, like dynamite, and a flash of fire flamed up against the wind. It grew bigger and bigger, burning more and more fiercely. As soon as Ouyang Zhao saw this, he broke out in a cold sweat. "Is this poison, senior?" He whispered to Shu Jingyao. Qingshan Xiushi Shu Jingyao frowned and said, "Who says it's not?" "Is there any solution?" "If you had used the Poison Chasing Soul Flag before, maybe these two poisons,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Monet, you, at this time.." "Is there no way at this time?" "Unless it is." 。 sxthsteel.com


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