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Yue Longfei said, "Oh," and just as he was about to speak, Wu Juye, the "camel woman," was already holding the snake-bone whip of the "Red King Shovel" in her right hand and the steel crutch of the dragon's head in her left hand. She looked at him like a jade and shouted in a harsh voice: "Wen Ruyu.." Without waiting for the other to speak, Wen Ruyu shook her hand and said with a smile, "Granny Wu, I really don't like your appearance."? Second, your skill. I'm afraid you don't deserve to be my opponent. "Wen Ruyu," said Wu Ju angrily, "you used to be all-powerful in the past. How could you only dare to talk indecently and shamelessly? But I dare not compete with my wife in three moves and nine forms. Wen Ruyu laughed and said, "It's not difficult, it's not difficult. As long as you can win three first-class people in a row and show that you are really qualified, when you fight with me, Wen Ruyu will tell you to taste the power of Wan Miao Tian Mo!" Wu Juwei had no choice but to secretly grind his teeth and hate this cunning and eccentric "Wanmiao Tianmo." He glanced at her and said in a loud voice, "Just now Wen Ruyu proposed to seize the opportunity of the South China Sea Heroes' Meeting and the gathering of all the heroes, each relying on his martial arts, to win the honor of'the best man in the world. 'I quite agree with him, but I don't know who can give me some advice." Most of the heroes in Jixiantai knew that Wu Ju was difficult to deal with, so they did not answer! When Wu Ju saw that no one answered, she could not help being angry and embarrassed. Cried in a harsh voice, "Since no one dares to come to power, is it possible that all the heroes in the world have admitted that my martial arts are the best in the world?" Repeated words, as expected, made people excited. 'Seven fingers disabled man,' Shabbo snorted coldly and floated onto the stage. Pointing at the "camel woman" Wu Ju with his left palm, which only won the food and had two fingers in the middle, he said with a strange smile, "Old woman Wu, did Shabo learn that you had made a slight progress in the martial arts you practiced in seclusion in Qionglai, Sichuan?" Wu Ju knew it was because she had fought with herself twice many years ago, but the victory or defeat had not been decided. Now she said so. Her eyes flashed and she answered with a sneer,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "Although Wu Ju has been against Jianghu for a long time and neglected martial arts, this time she will never let you get away with it!" Sha Bo looked at Wu Wei with sarcasm and did not take it seriously. He still laughed and said, "Since I am called a'disabled man with seven fingers', how can I not have a full beard and a full tail?"? It's Mrs. Wu. Please be very careful. . Don't put anything on your back besides the hump? Or missing a little something. !” As soon as Wu Ju shook the snake bone whip of the "Rainbow King Shovel" in her hand, she said in a deep voice, "Shabo, I advise you to stop talking and shine your weapon quickly!" Shab shook his head and said with a wild laugh, "Old Mrs. Wu!" Slow to say to deal with you these hands in the ordinary whip clip crutches, is to meet Mo Xie Gan will that peerless magic weapon, Sha Bo is still with two meat palm to meet the enemy! ' Wu Ju is also a master in the contemporary martial arts world. How can she be willing to use her weapon to fight with her opponent's bare hands? So that victory is not achieved by force. , too ridiculous to be ridiculed! He asked in surprise : "Where is your'two-instrument circle '?" Chao Bo clapped his hand on his waist and said with a wild laugh, 'The two instruments are around me. But dealing with people like you. I'm afraid I can't use it. "Wu Ju shouted angrily," If you don't take out the circle of two instruments, I'll step down at once and refuse to fight with you! " When Sha Bo heard Wu Ju say this, he nodded and said with a smile, "Old woman Wu, since you are willing to die?"? I have kept myself from drinking for a long time. 'Liangyi Circle ', calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Oxide price, Fa Fa Li City is also good! · Xiaoxiang Academy scanning, nihaoya proofreading, Xiaoxiang Academy exclusive serialization As he spoke, he took out a strange weapon from his waist! Although this blade is called "two instrument circles", it is actually a "Taiji diagram" with a short handle on one side, which can be folded to facilitate hanging around the waist! When Wu Ju first saw the famous weapon of the other side, she couldn't help thinking to herself that according to what she had heard, besides the strength of the "two instrument palms", the "two instrument circles" used by the "seven-fingered disabled man" Shabo were even better at "three unique pursuits of the soul"! Nowadays The "two instrument circles" are already in sight, although the sharp edges around the "Tai Chi Diagram" seem to be extremely sharp? Handle thick ring thick The weight is also quite not light, but there is no other strange place, the so-called "Sanjue edge soul", what does it mean? The more she could not see the beauty of it, the more alarmed Wu Ju felt. She withdrew four or five feet away, turning her left hand across her chest and dragging her right hand to the ground! Shab, holding the "two instrument circles" in his hand, looked leisurely and said with a strange smile, "Old Basket Wu, are we going to stop at the sight of blood? Or point to the end ?” Wu Ju replied coldly, "The seven-fingered cripple is known as the most ruthless person in the world. He never forgives anyone before the battle. I, Wu Ju, the'camel woman, 'am not a merciful and kind-hearted person."? Not to mention the world , gather in the South China Sea. There should be some fierce and vigorous insertion to embellish it! So in my opinion, No need to see the blood. Not to mention the point to the end, simply enjoy a fight, try whether it is'Tianwai double disabled 'in the missing one? Still Is there one evil missing from the six evils of heaven and earth? "So I have no scruples and I do my best," said Saber with a sharp laugh when he heard this. Wu Ju gave a cold "hum" and said proudly, "I know you. : "Liangyi Circle", also known as "Sanjue Chasing Soul", contains vicious tricks, which can be used as much as possible. It also makes me, an old woman who has lived in Qionglai for a long time and seldom walks in Jianghu, have a wide range of knowledge. Sha Boxuan eyebrows a smile, right hand slightly stand "two instrument circle", then to Wu Ju body in front of the bully! Wu Ju has a long whip in her right hand and a short crutch in her left hand. Although she can give consideration to both far and near, how can she allow the other party to get close to her at the beginning of the first day of junior high school? The use of the "Red King Shovel Snake Bone Whip" is like a long rainbow scroll, aiming at the waist and abdomen of Saber and sweeping out! Shab sneers twice, did not dodge, only in the hands of the "two instrument circle" to display a "oblique stroke of the Yangtze River", to the waist swept by the whip cut off! A weapon such as a soft whip bends when it is hard, and it is not appropriate to intercept it, but Schaber's action is a deliberate risk. Contains Visitor I Because he this "two instrument circle", is "the wind Tang pot" casting, the sharp edge, invincible, although sees Wu Ju to use the long whip not vulgar, still thought that may cut off. As soon as the two weapons were connected, Szabo almost suffered a great deal! "Wind Tang bronze" cast'two instrument circle ", unexpectedly cut off the" red king shovel snake bone whip ", only to see the long whip broken, the tip of the whip hit the back of Sha Bo! Shab had a big accident, and he knew it was not good. Fortunately,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he was very skillful. He quickly lifted his breath, pulled his body five feet flat, and made the long whip of the snake bone brush the soles of his feet. stargrace-magnesite.com


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