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The old lady had sat down on a rosewood pit bed on the first floor. Miss Chu sat down on a chair beside the old lady. Guan Qiaoqiao and four little girls in green stood behind the old lady. The old lady raised her eyes and said, "Nangong Xianggong, please sit down." The young man in the blue shirt raised his hand and said, "I'm going to take a seat." He sat down on the next chair. Shan Xiaochu followed in, the old lady did not open his mouth, he did not dare to sit casually. The old lady went on to say, "Shan Er is in charge. Please sit down too." Shan Xiaochu hurriedly said respectfully, "Thank you for sitting down." Sitting at the head of the young man in the blue shirt, he entered the room and called himself "subordinate". "So this old lady is from the Hui Gang," the young man in the blue shirt said to himself. At this time, two Tsing Yi waiters brought tea. The old lady picked up the teacup and took a gentle sip, which seemed to be quite appreciative. "This tea is good," she said to Shan Xiaochu. As if honored by the emperor, Shan Xiaochu quickly leaned over and said, "This is the cloud tea of Jiuhua." A year Before the words could be spoken, Mammy Qi stepped in and said in a shrill voice, "Tell the old lady that Yang Gongqi is coming." "" "Tell him to come in," said the old lady. Yang Gongqi is the boss of the Hui Gang, Shan Xiaochu did not care to speak, hurriedly stood up. "Mammy Qi answered," Yes. "She turned around and said," Please, old lady. The young man in the blue shirt looked up and saw a white-faced, yellow-bearded old man in a black coat and a bronze robe come in from the door. He hurried up and bowed down respectfully to the old lady,Magnesium Sulphate producer, saying, "My subordinates paid their respects to the old lady and came after hearing the news, but they still didn't rush." I have to greet the old lady's golden carriage, and I hope the old lady will forgive me. The old lady smiled kindly and said, "The old man has just arrived. Sit down first." Yang Gongqi stepped back and sat down on a chair under his right head. The old lady looked up and asked, "Is there any news recently?" Yang Gongqi said, "Recently I heard that Ning Shengtian, Wan Qingfeng and others went to Wansong Villa. The day before yesterday, they sent an invitation to their subordinates." Next,Magnesium Oxide price, invite about subordinates ten days later, go to wansong villa, have something important to discuss, subordinates are waiting to ask the old lady for instructions, just the old lady Jin Jia has stopped. The old lady sighed and said, "Ning Shengtian's Magic Lantern Sect is nothing but a mob of people, such as Wan Qingfeng, Gua Juyi, Cui Jiefu, and so on." People are also not the climate of the people, well, Zhitong is also in Wansong Villa? Yang Gongqi said, "I heard that Master Zhitong went to Shaolin three days ago, but he will come after ten days." The old lady snorted coldly and said, "If the Shaolin Temple really dares to oppose the old man, the old man will want him to turn over the Shaolin Temple." Come here Blue shirt young listen to secretly one Zheng, feel way: "What a big tone the old lady has." "The old lady is right, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder," said Yang Gongqi. "I don't think Zhiyuan has the guts." The Zhiyuan in his mouth is the abbot of Shaolin Temple. As soon as the old lady raised her left hand, she pointed to Miss Chu Wan, who was sitting beside her, and said, "In the future, I will be responsible for the affairs in the south of the Yangtze River." You just contact her. Blue shirt young heart a strange, feel way: "She wants this girl to manage the affairs of Jiangnan, I do not know what it is, which shows that this Wan girl is not fragile." My daughter. Yang Gongqi answered "yes". Then he arched his hand to Miss Chu and said, "My subordinates will need a lot of guidance from Miss Chu in the future." Chu Wan said with a smile, "Master Yang is easy to say." Yang Gongqi is famous in Jianghu, and the Hui Sect is as famous as the Beggars' Sect, but Yang Gongqi is famous in front of the old lady Unusual deference. Chu girl this "Yang gang Lord good to say", to him unexpectedly like Feng Lun sound, face suddenly increase brilliance in general, repeatedly lean way: "Dare not, dare not." The old lady raised her hand and said, "Well, it's none of your business." "Yes, yes." Yang Gongqi bowed and said, "Excuse me." He quickly withdrew, and Shan Xiaochu naturally followed suit. Only then did the old lady turn around and say with a smile: "Nangong Jing, it's your turn now." Her face hung black veil, and although she could not see her smile, her tone was very kind. The young man in blue folded his fists and said in surprise, "What do you mean, old lady?" The old lady said, "The old man has asked your husband to come in. Of course he wants to talk to you." "I don't know what the old lady wants to talk about with me," said Nangong Jing (a young man in blue shirt). "I haven't seen you in March," said the old lady. "You seem to have improved a lot." Nangong Jing suddenly laughed and said, "The old lady's eyes are really fierce. I dare not hide it. I have made some progress recently." "What are you going to do?" Asked the old lady. "What are you going to do?" Asked Nangong Jing? What did the old lady say? "Haven't you made yourself clear enough?" Asked the old lady. "I'm a fool," said Nan Guanjing. "Please tell me clearly, madam." "You saw and heard what happened just now, didn't you?" Asked the old lady. Nangong Jing's heart was full of fear, but he still smiled smartly and said, "I shouldn't have seen or heard what the old lady meant." Did you? The old lady said slowly, "Yes, now that you have seen and heard, there are only two ways for you to choose." Nangong Jing naturally heard the implication of her words, but pretended not to know. He raised his face and asked, "The old lady begs for details." "One life, one death," said the old lady. "What about life and what about death?" Asked Nangong Jing. "To live," said the old lady, "is to throw yourself under the door of the old man. If you die, you will never be able to cross this door. From now on, this There will be no more Nangong Jing in the world. Her voice was still very gentle, but everyone could hear that there was already a strong sense of murder in her voice. When Nangong Jing heard this, his face did not change color. He laughed and said, "I believe the old lady has this ability, and I am not right about the old lady." Hands, just.. There were two cold glances in the old lady's veil, and she said, "Go on,Magnesium Sulphate producer, what is it?" Nangong Jing proudly said with a smile, "The old lady's original intention is not really to kill her, but to throw herself at her." Under the door. The old lady only snorted. stargrace-magnesite.com


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