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When I got home at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I didn't know whether the morning breeze in the mountains was too cold or I wore too little, but I had a fever. Luo Qinghong wanted to take me to the hospital, but I refused to go. He could not resist me, so he had to go downstairs and buy some cold medicine. I took the medicine and got into bed. I slept until 8 o'clock in the evening. When I got up, I heard a noise in the kitchen. I went over and saw that Luo Qinghong was busy with his apron, and pots and pans were flying all over the sky. I asked him what he wanted to do? He said, cook porridge for me. Immediately afterwards, the faint smell of burning drifted into my nose. Suddenly, I had a sense of foreboding. I reached out and lifted the lid of the rice cooker. I was dumbfounded on the spot. God, rice porridge and popcorn are two concepts, okay? To cook porridge is to put water drops, and put more, put more, you do not know but ask me ah? It is shameful to waste food! Aah! Aah! Lift the table! >_< With a look of shame on his face, Luo Qinghong stammered, "Next time, maybe next time will be better.." I took off his apron around his waist, tied it to myself, scraped the rice crust out of the rice pot with a wooden spoon, washed the rice and cooked porridge again, turned on the gas in the refrigerator, and took a kitchen knife and a frying spoon. Luo Qinghong came over and shouted to me: "I come, I come, you are sick!" I shook my head and smiled. I put my toes on his lips and kissed him. I pushed him and said,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "I can't play games. You can't cook. Go out and don't make a mess!" When the Great God refused, I waved the green onions in my hands and said threateningly, "If I make trouble again, the green onions will explode into chrysanthemums!" The mouth of the Great God twitched, and his face was full of cattle. Dinner is cold cucumber, tomato scrambled eggs with white porridge, I have no appetite, eat half a bowl of porridge and put down the chopsticks, but God swept away the leftovers in my bowl together with the whole pot of porridge,Magnesium Sulphate price, the belly is round. I asked him, do you have it? Why is your appetite so good these two days? He replies: "The meal that wife does personally, how can be wasted?"? = = After washing the dishes, he wiped his hands, touched my forehead and frowned, "Why do you still have a fever?"? Why don't we go to the hospital? I threw myself into his arms, hugged his waist, buried my head in his neck and blew gently, "Get married!" Luo Qinghong was stunned, and I added in time: "I mean, let Luoshui Qinghong and Yuzhou Singing in the game get married in the evening.." After hearing this, the great God once again went to the cow. >_< When I said that, it was already 9:10 in the evening. Two people rolled and climbed onto the line. As soon as Luo Qinghong's YY voice came out, I turned it off. I pressed his hand and said with a smile, "Marriage is a matter of two people. It's simple. You don't have to make it known to everyone." When Luo Qinghong and I drove to the gate of Magpie Bridge Wonderland, we remembered that we had not prepared a wedding gift. Exchanging gifts is a necessary process for a wedding. Without it, you can't play the task and get married. Luo Qinghong wanted to brush the world and collect two pieces of eternal jade pendants, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but I felt that it was too insincere, so I took him to the Jiuli skill area, washed off the tailoring skills, learned gem cutting, and made a blue ring of more than ten levels, because I made it, so it had my name on it. Luo Qinghong understood my intention, smiled, went to learn production skills, made the same ring, engraved with his name, and then bought two Danqing magic pens from the game mall. Danqing, game props, can be engraved on the equipment. He took my ring away, and for a moment, he put it in the trading column for me to see. I clicked on the two rings with the mouse and saw that the one I made said "hold your hand" and the one he made said "love for life". Raise your eyes, look at each other with a smile, and understand each other tacitly. With a unique wedding gift, we ran excitedly to the gate of Magpie Bridge Wonderland again. As soon as we entered, we saw GM's system broadcasting. [System] Server temporary maintenance, will be closed in 50 seconds, please players offline as soon as possible.. = = See this news, even Luo Qinghong this kind of good temper can not help but lift the table! I put down the keyboard and mouse, got up slowly, snuggled tenderly into Luo Qinghong's arms, stroked his chest, told him to calm down, but silently recited a hundred times in my heart. To your uncle's WY, to your uncle's GM, to your uncle's world two!!! (# ′) convex The author has something to say: Come on, look at my sincere little eyes (all kinds of little stars), does she look like a stepmother? If you want to put other text patterns on my article, how can the man change it casually? As for the question of who is the man, who is the man, and who is the cannon fodder, it seems that someone has guessed right. What? Want me to confirm? How can that work? This article is not over yet! Wriggling around ~ People: Get out!!! (Slippers and bricks fly together, saliva and white eyes) PS: At the beginning of the next chapter, the play of the Great God has come to an end for the time being. Change roles ~ Will you be my wife? (For a while, my husband sang this song in my ear every day. At first, he liked to listen to it. Later, when he opened his mouth, I wanted to beat people with my fists.) How many intersections have you passed and how many sighs have you heard? I'm serious about you and I don't know what to do I think everyone will have this kind of confused mood. Fortunately, I can share your worries. Can you get closer? Can you get closer? Satisfy the little vanity in my heart In fact, you don't know you are the most beautiful in my heart. Just like the one on the horizon after the storm. Rainbow If you don't know where to go tomorrow Just stay with me and be my wife, okay? My arms, which are not broad enough, will be yours. Warm embrace ~ ~ ~ If you are tired of the storms outside. Just stay with me and be my wife, okay? I will certainly bear your occasional temper. Maybe I can give you a little surprise. A laugh, a simple and reassuring nest. Accompany you at sunrise, accompany you at sunset until old. But love is deep and fate is shallow (catching insects = =) When the server was reopened, the marriage time stipulated by the system had passed. I looked at the two wedding rings in the package engraved with my name and his name, engraved with "hold your hand, love your life", and felt lost. Ha ha, fate this thing,dap diammonium phosphate, really can not be forced ah! If you want to come, you can't stop; if you want to die, you can't stay. stargrace-magnesite.com


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