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There were only two dings, and under the mask was a face exactly like mine, but more charming and enchanting. Chapter 420 Witchcraft Dream. Seeing the face under the witch's face, I suddenly woke up from my dream and gasped heavily. Baishui was awakened by me, holding my hand and asking me what was wrong. I gasped heavily, and the strange feeling in my dream that the roots were wrapped around my body and entered my body could not be removed. Shaking his head forcefully, is it true that pregnant women are pregnant with children, big months, too much hormone secretion in the body. Is that why you have a wet dream when you think about that? Thinking of what Fang Sankou had said, as well as the strangeness of Youwan in the birth of Jianmu, I grabbed Baishui's hand to wipe my sweat and whispered, "I know who the father of Su March and Xia He is." Song yuan opened the black door thirty years ago. What if she did it on purpose? But why is there a time lag? Where are there more than ten years in the middle? Baishui did not ask me who I was, but helped me wipe the sweat on my forehead: "Don't think about it, sleep for a while, and I'll send you to the Dragon and Tiger Mountain." "White water!" I put my arms around Baishui's waist and whispered, "It's good to have you." "Well!" Whitewater reached out and patted me on the back. "Then you must cherish it," he said with a smile. I fell into a deep sleep again, but this time there was no strange dream. When I woke up, I had already arrived at the Dragon and Tiger Mountain. Baishui naturally would not stay to see me bathe and change clothes. When he arrived, he just went to Wubo Well to have a look. The colorful scales that had fallen off from Yunchangdao were still there, but a surging obsidian inside was no longer visible. The well surface was still a quiet well water, without any waves, and it seemed to be the wave-free well again. The Taoist nuns are ready for the shower. I took a bath and changed into a Taoist robe. Then the Taoist nun put my hair in a bun and arranged me in the courtyard of Zhang Fengxian. She lit the aloes and the Taoist nun retired. Because Zhang Tianshi laid down the process of fasting, I had to fast in my room for three days. The so-called fast first can not eat and drink, only a glass of water every day, and then have to sit and forget to think. After the accident in Tailong Village, during the winter, when I was in bed with Baishui, I could still be calm. Later, I was almost exhausted,industrial racking systems, but I really had no time to empty my mind. After drinking a mouthful of water, I sat cross-legged on the futon, my heart in the sky, my tongue against my palate, and then slowly counted my breath, so that my body slowly relaxed, all the thoughts in my mind were cleared, and I began to sit and forget. I have never practiced penance, and I have a big belly. I always feel backache after sitting for a long time. My legs are swollen, and I have no food to eat. It's really too uncomfortable. So I can't calm down during the day, and my mind is full of all kinds of delicious food. Until the evening, I guess I was afraid that I would faint from hunger. When the Taoist nun came to knead incense, she brought me a plain bag and a glass of water. That's it. The way the Taoist nun looked at me, she didn't quite agree with me. That's probably the best vegetarian bun I've ever eaten. I didn't want to finish that glass of water, or I really didn't know how to spend the night. It is estimated that there is something in my stomach, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, or I am a little dizzy when I am too hungry. In the evening, I actually sat down slowly, full of saliva, and seemed to feel my body slowly floating up, faintly entering the state of fugue. Can float to float to feel wrong, see oneself unexpectedly in last night's dream that blood pool, both hands are tightly grasping the pool wall, in front of the fall of the witch face with snake teeth. Countless hairs were wrapped around me, and I opened my mouth to shout, but as soon as I opened my mouth, I found that I was not in the pool, but standing opposite the pool. Watching the one exactly like me rise and fall in the pool of blood. The blood was absorbed less and less with the roots, but the man seemed to be tired and paralyzed, lying motionless in the dry pool, his bronze scales all faded, revealing a very wonderful body. The roots are extremely bloodthirsty. There was no blood left in the pool, but the woman raised a strange smile at the corners of her mouth, slowly holding the fallen witch face on her face, staring at me with a faint green light in her eyes. I wanted to walk forward, but found that I couldn't move at all. Suddenly I felt something. When I looked back, I saw a man coming in slowly from the outside. The man's face was so blurred that I couldn't see it clearly. I tried to see it clearly, but I saw the man who was exactly like me. He raised the knife and stabbed himself in the lower abdomen. Then they held out a soft snake egg, but the light was dim, and I couldn't see if there was an embryo in it, but even if there was, it wasn't hatching now. After the man took the egg, he turned around and took out a bottle the size of an embrace, put the egg in it, and then went to pick up another one. These eggs taken from the lower abdomen are not big, only the size of a fist, but the bottle is very big, it does not know what water is in it, the eggs are floating in it, and there is a slight flash of runes on the wall of the bottle. I looked at the bottle and it looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had seen it. There were three eggs in total, and when they were all collected, the man who could not see his face slowly retreated, while the woman gently took off the mask and looked down at the wound that was slowly healing in her lower abdomen. But there was still an egg in the wound, which was slowly surging with flesh and blood. She seemed to be very happy, so she walked naked to the outside. When the secret door is open. I saw the young Yunchangdao standing in the doorway and whispered to her, "Are you ready?" "Gonggong Blood, the body that can communicate with God, is in my belly." The man's voice was extremely soft. Directly put his arm around Yunchangdao's neck and said seductively, "You are cruel enough to let others do that!" "Ah Wan, it's good for all of us." Yun Changdao put his arm around the man's soft waist and whispered, "With the body of the God, we are one step closer to success." Wan. Wan. Wan. My mind is full of this name, keep echoing, the whole person is turning over in the hole,radio shuttle racking, but how can not make a sound, seems to fall into the endless void. There is something surging in Meng's lower abdomen. A white light flashed before my eyes, and the little white snake quickly wrapped around me and pulled me down. kingmoreracking.com


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