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Although, he has always felt that that is where he should be. I will try to try other ways. Those that don't work so fast, that are more circuitous, that are safer. Perhaps he can find a way to lose less, but the effect can be maintained for many more years, perhaps, he can turn this sea into a pure land, because four or five years of self-exile, let him find that human beings are not so hopeless. He met Victor, Etan, and enthusiastic volunteers like Xiao Ying, and finally, he met Bei Zhiyi. A woman who can make him feel peaceful just by staying quiet. A woman who can calm him down in an instant like entering the bottom of the sea. His tragic life was quietly reversed before he could fully react, and he didn't even have time to think about whether he deserved such a reversal. He knew that he had not yet come out of the nightmare, and that he still dared not recall the past,fine bubble diffuser, and still could not say it. But he finally took the first step. Bei Zhiyi is the best listener he has ever seen, so that he can still remain calm after such analysis, and even some relief. I'm done. He An straightened up and released Bei Zhiyi's hand. He felt that he needed to give Bei Zhiyi time to digest. He said so many heavy words without thinking. In the end, he did not promise that he would not exchange his life for sharks on impulse. He just assured her that he would try. He felt a little out of place as a hooligan. Now he wants to have love, but he doesn't want to give up the plan he has been thinking about for many years. He analyzed all he could say, but he did not know how to describe it with Bei Zhiyi,Dissolved Gas Flotation, leaving him a burial plan would make him feel safe. His life had fallen apart overnight, and everything he had, everything he wanted, everything he had had no meaning. At that time, he longed for a chance to extricate himself. So when life once again showed signs of stabilizing, he was reluctant to give up such a chance of relief. It is difficult for people who have experienced the vicissitudes of life and have no way to die to have the courage to give up this opportunity. He was frightened by life, and when he welcomed the new life again, he became a little morbidly cautious. But these feelings, he can not open his mouth. He could only watch Bei Zhiyi twist her thin brows and look at him with reddish eyes. He has a little hope, hope Bei Zhi meaning can understand, Lamella Plate Settler ,wall penstocks, even if only a little. You Wait a minute Still speaking softly, the woman stood up in a hurry, ran into her room barefoot, rummaged through boxes and cupboards, and ran out barefoot again. Holding a bag of candy in his hand, fine beads of sweat oozed from his forehead because he had just moved too much. She opened the package of candies and shoved two into his palm. He and Ann stared at the candy in their hands. He knew this sugar, and at one time, American stores put this sugar as a Chinese specialty in the import area. Blue and white packaging with an extremely stupid rabbit on it. When I was in junior high school, my deskmate was a little fat boy. Holding a bag of candy in her hand, she rustled. "His grades are not good, but he is very happy every day. He often eats candy secretly in class." "My parents are very strict. This kind of candy snack is impossible to have in our family. On holidays, my parents will give it to the children of neighbors or relatives. So every time my deskmate secretly eats candy, I actually want to eat it." She's a little shy. Like a child, she said the truth to Ann, and she was in a hurry to give back with her heart. When I was in school, I was very poor in sports, but China's high school entrance examination is to count sports results. When my parents were in the first year of junior high school, they let me practice sports for two hours every day before school. "At that time." She hesitated for a moment, secretly looked at and Ann, "in the second year of junior high school, the girl came." The voice is getting lower and lower. He and Ann blinked, and the white rabbit toffee in his hand and the woman in front of him shyly told him the story of the girl's menarche, which made him a little confused. I didn't dare to tell my parents that it was too painful when I practiced running 800 meters. My legs were weak and I fell down, and my knees and elbows were broken. ” "Then my deskmate gave me a candy." "He told me that candy was a reward, because I fell down and didn't dare to go home for fear of being scolded by my parents. He ran to the bathroom to wash the wound, and then ran to the classroom to change into a sports uniform with long sleeves and trousers. He thought I was very brave." "That's the first reward I've ever received in my life, and that's it." She pointed to the big white rabbit toffee in Hean's hand. So when she had an income from her job, she kept the candy with her. Take one when you are very tired as a reward for yourself. The toffee is sticky and milky. It's not particularly tasty, but it's sweet. Sufficient sugar can make her forget the cruelty of reality for a while. She occasionally remembers the smiling face of the little fat man, whose teeth are about to decay, and whose exam results are always in the bottom five of the class, but he is very happy. Even in their short life at the same table, the only time they said anything that had nothing to do with learning was when he gave her a toffee. She felt that it took a lot of courage to say what Ann had just said, and the look on Ann's face after he had said it reminded her of the way she longed to be appreciated when she was a child. So she remembered the big white rabbit toffee. When she really told the story, she looked at the big white rabbit candy in Ann's hand and felt a little cramped again. Compared with what Ann had said before,multi disc screw press, her unweathered experience was so childish that it was ridiculous. That one In fact, this candy is not delicious. She tried to get the toffee back. He An closed his palms. He digested what Bei Zhiyi had just said. With an incredible but helpless tone, she summed it up: "Are you using other men to coax you to coax me now?" …… Bei Zhiyi was surprised by this novel angle and was dumbfounded. How many years has the fat man been at your table? He's spooky. khnwatertreatment.com


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