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We carry an extensive line of Lord mounts, which are designed to manage the vibration, noise and shock that can cause mechanical systems to fail. The key to isolating vibration is to reduce its transmission to a component or supporting structure. In a nutshell, the rubber in a mount acts as a Rubber Spring with its own natural frequency, and this frequency partly depends on the stiffness of the spring. But why is rubber such an ideal material in this type of situation?

The ability to formulate rubbers with specific properties makes it so versatile and useful in an almost limitless number of applications. Natural rubber in particular is especially valuable as Rubber Springs material because of its longevity, resilience, low cost, resistance to a wide range of temperatures, and ability to bond to metals. Natural rubber is used in many of our Lord Mounts because of these characteristics and its ability to reduce the transmission of both vibration and noise in harsh environments. For example, it can resist the the heat and chemicals encountered in vehicle engines, and its resistance to swelling when immersed in liquids means it can also successfully withstand underwater conditions for many years.

What is a Rubber Gasket?

Rubber Gaskets are elastic components used for mechanically sealing the microscopic gap between two mating surfaces or joints. Examples of these surfaces are flange faces of piping and fittings, mating surfaces of an automotive cylinder head and engine block, tank rim and cover, door edges, frames, and so on. Rubber gaskets seal surfaces by flowing in and filling the surface irregularities of rigid parts. The sealing effect is created by the parts exerting compressive forces which plastically deform the gasket.

The sealing capability of rubbers is attributed to their elastomeric nature. Rubbers, natural or synthetic, belong to a family of materials called elastomers. Elastomers are classes of polymers that have a highly elastic nature created by cross-linking long polymer chains into amorphous structures. The intermolecular forces between the polymer chains are relatively weak; this allows them to be reconfigured upon application of stress. Because of this property, an elastomeric Rubber Flange Gaskets can easily conform to the profile of the surfaces creating a tight seal.


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