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The Industrial Plugs and sockets connect various electrical appliances used in an industry. The socket, wire, and plug complete a connection and it is through them we can harness the benefits of electricity. Therefore, there is a need to take an extra care of the plugs and sockets that we put to use.

Construction and Color Coding

Generally, the plug is the movable Industrial Connector attached to an electrically operated device’s mains cable, and the socket is fixed on equipment or a building structure and connected to an energized electrical circuit. The plug has protruding pins or, in US terminology, blades (referred to as male) that fit into matching slots or holes (called female) in the sockets. A plug is defined in IEC 60050 as an accessory having pins designed to engage with the contacts of a socket-outlet, also incorporating means for the electrical connection and mechanical retention of flexible cables or cords, a plug does not contain components that modify the electrical output from the electrical input (except where a switch or fuse is provided as a means of disconnecting the output from input). In this article, the term “plug” is used in the sense defined by IEC 60050. Sockets are designed to prevent exposure of bare energized contacts.

To reduce the risk of users accidentally touching energized conductors and thereby experiencing electric shock, plug and socket systems often incorporate safety features in addition to the recessed slots or holes of the energized socket. These may include plugs with insulated sleeves, recessed sockets, sockets with blocking shutters, and sockets designed to accept only compatible plugs inserted in the correct orientation.

Voltage rating and other characteristics are represented by a color code (in three-phase plugs the stated voltage is the phase-phase voltage, not the phase-neutral voltage). Plugs have the earth pin of a larger diameter than the others, and are located in different places depending on the voltage rating, making it impossible to mate, for instance, a blue plug with a yellow socket. Since the different current ratings have different overall sizes, it is also not possible to mate different pin configurations or current ratings. For example, a 16 A 3P+E 400 V plug will not mate with a 16 A 3P+N+E 400 V socket and a 16 A P+N+E 230 V plug will not mate with a 32 A P+N+E 230 V socket.

Industrial Socket

A socket is a way through which the plug connects the appliance, which generally consists, plastic covering that coats the wiring and socket loops provided in the plug settings such that nickel is coated in the wires to avoid corrosion as well as easier conductivity.

An artificially hollow electrical device in which plugs of several applications fits in, to receive the adequate energy, is called an Industrial Socket. These days many different types of sockets are available as per the application and requirement. Some of the main types are raw socket, stream socket, datagram socket, etc. Also, the industrial sockets are available in the various combinations of pins.

Industrial Plug

A plug consists of easier words pins, holder translator and connector. A socket holds in detail, a thread to ensure contact, an open contact sleeve to protect it from dust and other dirt, a special design to hold the socket current, a one-piece contact pin in conductivity and nickel-plated for non-corrosion conductivity. An important electrical device that is used to connect various electronics with the

source of electricity is called an Industrial Plug. A plug gets fit into the socket to receive the necessary power that it requires to run the electrical equipment. It acts as a medium between the electrical device and the socket to transmit electricity. Its main function is to connect and disconnect the application whenever required.

Mechanical Interlock is an interlock that is physically connected to another device to prevent unintended actions.

Full voltage reversing motor starter

A simple example of a mechanical interlock is a full voltage reversing motor starter.


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